War on Plastic: ‘Culture Change’ by Jan Lindberg

Often recycling is offered as a solution to our plastic problem. While recycling is helpful, it is not the complete answer. As stated by Jan Lindberg:

“Instead recycling and future bioplstics distract people from keeping plastic out oof their lives. As the evidence from trashed oceans and damage to human health mounts plastic can no longer be conveniently ignored. The days of naive trust and denial need to be put behind us and a war on plastics declared now.

One must acknowledge todays extreme dependence on plastics. They are pervasive, cheap, and effective. The ongoing use of disposable plastics is a health disaster because we never get rid of the stuff. All the plastic that has ever been produced is still with us today.

If the human race is not driven to extinction by nuclear holocaust, or complete distortion of climate, it may happen through wonderful plastic and other petrochemicals.

A movement to spearhead the fight against plastics is forming now. While there have been municipal bans of some plastics, the plastics/petroleum industry has had a free ride at the expense of the planet and our bodies.

The war on Plastics will encompass not just a few problem chemicals or the worst plastics because they are all bad in at least some way. We must reject the entire toxic petroleum plague.

We all need to be awakened to the fact that plastics threaten us. We need to eliminate plastics from our lives.”

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A great video about marine litter’s effect on marine life by Lloyd Mackall


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Plastic Particles Circulating Endlessly in World’s Oceans by Stephen Leahy

1. The plastic bottle or cap that has 20 minutes of use can spend decades killing countless seabirds, marine mammals and fish.
2.On remote islands in the Pacific, albatross parents unknowingly feed their chicks pieces of plastic mistaking it for plankton. The chicks die of malnutrition.
3.There is now so much plastic in the oceans that it is likely that virtually every seabird has plastic in its belly.
4.The Ocean Conservancy, a U.S. based NGO, has been leading beach and shore cleanups around the world for 25 years. Over this time, nearly nine million volunteers in 152 countries have cleaned up and catalogued 66 million kilograms of trash, according to a report released in Honolulo.
5. Achim Steiner, executive director for the United Nations Environmental Program said that people do not realize the accumulative impact of marine debris.
Steiner said that marine debris is an “out of sight, out of mind” type of problem.
6. About 260 million tonnes of new plastic is made every year. In 1950 only 5 million tonnes of plastic was manufactured!

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Island Cleaners in PI will not use plastic if requested!

The dry cleaners, Island Cleaners, behind CVS will not put your dry cleaning in plastic if you request them not to do so. The more people that ask the better. The more people who refuse plastic bags in every shop the better. Shop will only provide the things that owners think we want!

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Pawleys Island Plastic Bag free Store!

Discount Stores and More is one of the shops in PI which has chosen to put principle over profit by not providing plastic bags to customers. Thank you for you commitment to our planet.

Wade and Marti Purcell started their store in 2010 (near Tuesday Morning) with a goal to help people save money on necessities of life—groceries, drug store items, paper products—whatever could be purchased at a good deal to pass on to customers at a great savings. Over time the goal has expanded to not only helping people save money, but to encourage people to help the environment by discontinuing the use of plastic bags and turning in plastic bottle caps and batteries to be recycled. The owners reward customers who bring in reusable bags with a 20 cent credit for each one used for purchases. Paper bags and boxes are also available for shoppers. A container for plastic caps and one for batteries sits at the front door to accomodate people who want to drop off such items.  Wade and Marti invite you to visit their store to see how much you can save on cereal, coffee, soups, beverages, snacks, pet food, laundry detergent, charcoal and much more.

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Do not cry over a plastic bag ban!

Re the article: “Do not cry over a plastic ban” which I posted yesterday, I want to explain that the wording was originally written by Jeanne Becker from Oregon. As I totally agree with the original author, I took extracts from the article to post on this blog. Although I acknowledged Ms. Becker in the posting, for some reason the acknowledgement was not published.
Goffinet McLaren

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Do not cry over a plastic bag ban!

When did we become a nation of spoilt babies?
We are required often in life to bring along the things we need in order to participate in the things we want to do: going to the gym, we need a bag, book bags for school, back pack for hiking. Why do we think it such a hardship to bring our own carry out bags to the grocery store? This is not difficult.It amounts to adapting be developing a new habit. China decides to outlaw bags and it is done instantly. Americans? We need to whine and call it Big Brother and act like toddlers.

I have been bringing my own bags for years, because it is the right thing to do and it is easy. I even have some that fit in my purse and are washable.

We can live well without plastic bags so let’s do it and not complain about it. And save animal lives too.

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