Making Good Choices

Charleston County is making strides to being plastic bag free.  Find out what County Council is doing to reduce lawn and  garden waste plastic bags.


10 Responses to Making Good Choices

  1. Well done Charleston! Banning plastic leaf bags is a great start to banning all plastic bags. keep the momentum rolling.

  2. Ellie Wilson says:

    Absolutely love your blog!! Good on Charleston too for trying to make a start in the right direction. I look forward to more of your progress and links. Will you be informing us of other progress around the state? Ellie (in Greenville)

    • Goffinet McLaren says:

      Yes. We are just getting started. We will kep you informed.
      A recycling law amking it mandatory for restaurants and bars to recycle is on the taable at the senate in C.olumbia right now

      • Goffinet McLaren says:

        Ellie, Yes we will keep you up to date. We are meeting with all sorts of different groups and collecting signatures for our petition against plastic bags.

  3. Grace Gifford says:

    To keep up with, and add to the plastic bag concern for yard waste, you will want to check out or go to the Charleston County website, and check the minutes of their next meeting! The ordinance to require paper rather than plastic for yard waste was introduced on 2/15/2011.

  4. grace gifford says:

    Check out the cost of plastic bags. It’s in the Guiness Book of World Records!

    • Goffinet McLaren says:

      The true pice of a plastic bag to the consumer is about 17 cents each as the cost is included in the price of the merchandise plus the cleanup.

  5. Goffinet McLaren says:

    Thanks Grace. This is a very good article about the true cost of plastic bags.

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