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Grace Gifford, Jane Martin and Goffinet McLaren, wish to eliminate the destructive impacts of single-use plastic shopping bags on our environment. The mission will be accomplished through public advocacy presenations to educate people to: 1. Say No to plastic bags at store checkout points. 2. To procure and use their own reusable shopping bags. 3. Through power point presentations. 4. To establish a bridge to local and statewide legislation. 5. Join the Plastic Pollution Coalition to help support the efforts of this wonderful group.

A Savvy Seagull Saves Marine Life

Sullie Saves The Seas When Sullie the Seagull, Goffinet McLaren`s new super-hero, sees that plastic pollution is destroying his precious Turtle Beach, he calls his friends to action. Sullie and his Secret Society of birds create a fun filled, exciting, … Continue reading

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Hormone Disruptor: BPA

Scientific America recently published the following information about BPA: “In recent years dozens of scientists around the globe have linked BPA to myriad health effects in rodents, mammary and prostate cancer, genital defects in males, early onset of puberty in … Continue reading

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The iMatter March

Hello! Please check out the next generation’s efforts to help the planet and themselves from this polluting era of corporations. You will be really impressed. Visit the kids at: imattermarch

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Toxic Chemicals in Babies by the Environmental Working Group

December, 2009 Laboratory tests commissioned by Environmental Working Group have, for the first time, detected bisphenol A (BPA), a plastic component and synthetic estrogen, in umbiblical cord blood of American infants. Nine of 10 randomly selected samples of cord blood … Continue reading

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What is inconvenience? Goffinet McLaren

On Saturday April 30, I had my portable ‘Be Plastic Bag Free’ display at a booth on a belated Earth Day event in North Charleston. The goal was to collect signatures from citizens who agreed with the notion of banning plastic shopping bags. … Continue reading

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The following four letters were submitted by fifth-grade students in Teresa Dionisio’s class at Waccamaw Elementary.

Dear Editor, We are concerned about sea turtles. These magnificent creatures need to be protected. They could be the next animal at the top of the endangered species list if we don’t act now. There are numerous reasons why these … Continue reading

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