Plastic is taking over the natural world. Around the globe, plastic bags travel from storm drains into rivers and then into our oceans. Plastic bags are also abandoned on beaches and carried out to sea. Because these bags are petroleum-based and non-biodegradable, they are exerting a profoundly negative effect on the quality of ocean water and every creature that makes it’s home in the water. Animals and birds on land are also in grave danger.


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  1. grace gifford says:

    As someone in front of me in the checkout said, “Every time you use a plastic bag, it’s like pouring a teaspoon of oil on the ground”. I have redoubled my efforts to Be Plastic Bag Free and plan to bring the topic to my church this Sunday during our “Preach-In”.
    What will you do about this problem?

  2. I truly believe church is a place for bringing awareness. A body of people that are do-ers, the church is one venue we should be talking to. Like myself, I changed my plastic habits once I learned about the problems with plastic and feel you will tap into a group that will share my experience. You ARE the Grace of God. 🙂

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