Do not cry over a plastic bag ban!

When did we become a nation of spoilt babies?
We are required often in life to bring along the things we need in order to participate in the things we want to do: going to the gym, we need a bag, book bags for school, back pack for hiking. Why do we think it such a hardship to bring our own carry out bags to the grocery store? This is not difficult.It amounts to adapting be developing a new habit. China decides to outlaw bags and it is done instantly. Americans? We need to whine and call it Big Brother and act like toddlers.

I have been bringing my own bags for years, because it is the right thing to do and it is easy. I even have some that fit in my purse and are washable.

We can live well without plastic bags so let’s do it and not complain about it. And save animal lives too.


About beplasticbagfree

Grace Gifford, Jane Martin and Goffinet McLaren, wish to eliminate the destructive impacts of single-use plastic shopping bags on our environment. The mission will be accomplished through public advocacy presenations to educate people to: 1. Say No to plastic bags at store checkout points. 2. To procure and use their own reusable shopping bags. 3. Through power point presentations. 4. To establish a bridge to local and statewide legislation. 5. Join the Plastic Pollution Coalition to help support the efforts of this wonderful group.
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  1. Joyce Goodchild says:

    It would be a good idea to include a link from this article to Facebook or other social networking links

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